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I'm Hannah. Some people call me Han. I'm a Georgia native with a penchant for spontaneous travel, and I'm known for never turning down ice cream after a meal. I'm the yes-girl of most of my friendships, and I love being that girl for my clients too.

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I LOVE talking to strangers.

I wouldn't call myself a people person, but I am very likely in almost any scenario to strike up a conversation with a stranger about anything I can find to talk about.

I used to work in the medical field.

I got CNA certified in high school, and my first job in college was the overnight shift at a nursing home. I went on to get certified as a Med Tech before realizing that the medical field wasn't for me, and changing my major to Psychology.. then to English, and finally, Public Relations. Does anyone know if colleges accept returns or exchanges on a degree? (Kidding, mostly.)

I got married when i was 21 and in college.

My husband and I met at convocation in 2015 at the University of North Georgia when we were 18. We started dating shortly after that, and got married three years later at a venue I found on Airbnb. We were both still in college, and looking back, I wouldn't have it any other way!